Gadagrow is a platform that offers 30% of your subscription in 15 days by subscribing and performing our simple daily tasks
Our daily task is just for you to loign and click on the perform task button 5 times in a day. IT's doesn't require you to post any content anywhere
The platform generates income from Admob and Adsense. When you perform a single click, we earn revenue from google enabling us to payback our subscribers

We Care Too Much About Our
Members Satisfication

Gadagrow ensures its provide the best services amoung it kind.
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Registered, Safe and Secure

Gadagrow is registered with Small And Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) With Smedan Number: SUIN84946719

Our features

30% growth in 15 days

When you subscribe to one of our subsciption plans and you're performing your daily tasks regularly, at the end of 15 days which your subscription expires, you'll have earn up to 30% extra income on your Gadagrow Wallet

Daily Task

Our daily task is as simple as abc.

All you have to do it login to your dashboard and click on the perform task button 5 times in day with the minimum of 15 minutes interval.

Subscription Plan

On Gadagrow, the minimum subscription is NGN 3,000 while the maximum subscription is NGN 200,000. Subscribe on one of our plans now and start earning.
Subscription Plans

Referral Bonus

Gadagrow offers some token for referring a subscriber to the platform.

At default when you register, you'll be earning 3% commission on any amount the person you referred is subscribing.

When you have up to 30 subscribed downlines, your referral bonus grows from 3% to 5%.

And when you get up to 50 subscribed downlines, youre referral bonus grwos from 5% to 7%.


Our Platforms

Gadagrow's android app is available on google play store. You can use the button below to get the app.Download App

Our app on IOS AppStore is still under processing. However, if you're an iPhone user, you can use the button below to signup here on the website. Signup Here


Please note that each Subscription is valid for 15 days. At the end of 15 days, you may need to renew your subscription.

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